Foundation Repair Sydney

We are known for our innovative and highly unique foundation underpinning and strengthening of your existing structure. Shoring up your foundation will prevent all types of problems both inside and outside your building.

There are a variety of methods and costs involved with underpinning, and we excel at each of these including strengthening and deepening with concrete; spreading out your foundation load with piers, bases and beams; strengthening of the soil under your structure and underpinning with mini-piles.

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At Geotech Built, we offer a comprehensive range of foundation repair solutions to meet the nature of your needs or requirements. Each of our foundation repair Sydney services is carefully designed to offer long-term solutions to different foundation problems.

Our range of foundation repair solutions include;

Foundation underpinning – underpinning is used to fortify the original foundation if it is not strong or stable enough. During underpinning, we can either extend the depth of the foundation or the breadth to spread the load over a greater area. We use underpinning techniques when the soil is stable enough to support the structure.

Foundation restumpingfor homes that use stump floors, we can reset or replace the stumps that have settled because of soil movement. We offer restumping for both timber and concrete stumps and we repair the floor and walls of the house after the new stumps have been laid down.

Helical Piers replacement – Helical piers are ideal in cases where the soil supporting the foundation is not strong enough. Using helical piers, we can transfer the load of the house to a stronger and more suitable soil sitting deeper in the earth.  Helical piers are perfect for both tension and compression applications. However, they are subject to damage over time and by water and natural disasters.

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Why Choose Our Foundation Repair Services

One-stop Shop for all your foundation repair services 

finding the right solution to your weak foundation can be difficult. At Geotech Built, we understand the different challenges your foundation might be facing and we have designed various solutions that will strengthen your foundation and improve the integrity of the structure. With us, you will have all your foundation repair Sydney solutions under one roof.

Innovative and diligent

We take every task very seriously. We carefully inspect your foundation and identify the best and most innovative approach to support the load and improve stability. All our underpinning, pier replacement and restumping services are carried out by our team of licensed and highly qualified experts. We use the most modern and effective equipment to guarantee the best results which include computer-assisted laser levelling machinery.

We are experienced and reputable foundation repair experts 

The foundation is a crucial part of any structure. Any repairs and adjustments must be handled with extreme caution and finesse to avoid damage to the rest of the structure. At Geotech Built, we have helped thousands of clients for over 30 years reinforce and repair their foundation successfully. We have built a reputation as a reliable foundation repair Sydney expert over the years and with our training, experience, and equipment, you are assured of the best possible results.

Get your quote

Repairing your foundation requires adequate budgeting and finances. To assist you secure the best services and budget accordingly, we offer you a professional quote after inspecting your foundation.

Choosing the right foundation repair expert for your home or structure is one of the biggest and most important decisions you have to make. With our help a Geotech Built, we will make sure it is also the best decision you ever made and you will be happy you chose us to improve the integrity and life of your home. Get in touch with us today for unparalleled foundation repair Sydney services and excellent services.

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