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New to the field of retaining walls and drainage solutions are GWS or Gravity Wall Systems, perfect for Australia. We use only well-tested and successful products that work faster and save costs. Pave draining and French Drains and or Ag drains or Ag pipes are also available and appropriate for most homes and most issues.

A construction worker directs the flow of wet cement into a cinder block wall on a job site.

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Retaining Walls by Geotech Built

Retaining walls by Geotech Built is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add structure and stability to their landscape. With a range of shapes, sizes, and materials available, there is a retaining wall that can suit any project. They provide an aesthetically pleasing solution while also ensuring that your land remains secure from water damage or soil erosion.

Geotech Built’s experienced team of engineers understands the importance of proper drainage when designing and constructing retaining walls. Their designs use proven techniques to make sure that your retaining wall will last for years with minimal maintenance required so you can be confident in its durability. Additionally, they take into account factors such as climate and soil type when creating custom solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Benefits of Building a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a structure that not only serves a functional purpose but can also be pleasing to the eye. They can improve the look of a garden, as well as provide many benefits. 

These are some benefits that Geotech Built has compiled for you.

The primary advantage of building a retaining wall is to hold back soil and create usable space in areas with steep slopes or hillsides. By holding back dirt and rocks, they prevent erosion and landslides, allowing residents to use their land for activities like gardening or adding an outdoor patio area. 

Retaining walls are also great for controlling water drainage by redirecting flow away from homes or gardens and providing more protection during heavy rainfall and flooding conditions. 

Retaining walls also help homeowners reduce lawn maintenance costs by creating terraced levels on sloped properties.

Types Of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an essential component of any landscape design and can serve a variety of purposes. Depending on the style and purpose, there are several types of retaining walls to choose from.

The most popular type of retaining wall is a gravity wall, which uses its weight to stand up against soil pressure. This type of wall is usually constructed from stone or concrete blocks, with interlocking pieces for added stability. Another common type is a cantilever wall, which utilizes reinforced concrete and steel rods for support. It works in much the same way as a beam does to hold up heavier structural elements such as balconies or porches. A third option is an anchored wall, which relies on tensioned cables that run through the soil into anchor plates embedded in the base of the wall to help hold it in place.

Tips to retaining walls by Geotech Built in Sydney

It is important to understand the tips and tricks involved in building retaining walls so that you get lasting results.

At Geotech Built we introduce you to the followings tips:

For starters, it’s important to choose the right material for your specific needs. Make sure that you select a strong and durable material such as concrete blocks or stone - something that won’t easily erode with water or weathering over time.

First and foremost, it’s important to consider the purpose of the wall Alsowhether it’s for drainage or simply decorative. This will determine the size and shape of your wall. Make sure you take into account any underlying terrain or elevation changes as this could affect your design.

Additionally, before building a retaining wall check with your local municipality for any regulations that may apply to construction in your area.

Next it’s important to ensure that an adequate base is created for the structure prior to construction.

In conclusion,retaining walls are an essential tool for controlling erosion, providing structural support, and shaping terrains. Goetech Built offers a variety of materials and designs to suit any retaining wall needs. Their experienced team is knowledgeable in the proper installation and maintenance of these structures to ensure they are both safe and effective. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Goetech Built sets the standard for retaining wall construction.