House Underpinning Sydney

Reinforcing and fixing your foundation is a critical part of prolonging the life of your home and improving safety. Homes built in some parts of Sydney may experience ground instability and the foundation can sink leading to cracks on the walls or concrete slabs.

You might also notice the doors and windows don’t close. All these are signs that your foundation is growing weak. If not repaired, can result in extensive damage to the rest of the structure.

At Geotech Built, we have decades of experience offering underpinning Sydney services to improve the state of your foundation by placing pins of concrete under the moving building to stop farther movement and secure it.

house underpinning sydney

When Do You Need Underpinning Services

Identifying symptoms of a failing foundation is critical. The sooner you get additional support under the house the cheaper and more effective it is going to be. If you notice any of the following signs, you should get in touch with us immediately to have experts look at your foundation.

  • Cracks on internal or external walls or both
  • Windows and doors jamming
  • Gaps between cornice, and walls
  • Unlevelled or sloping floors
  • Overflowing futters
  • Bricks and mortar crumbling
  • Leaning, cracking and collapsing of retaining walls
  • Cracks and gaps between windows and doors and existing walls

It is also prudent to have your foundation checked after major natural disasters like floods and earthquakes which can easily compromise the integrity of the foundation.


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,Why You Should Choose Geotech Built

We are an industry leader 

At Geotech Built we have over 30 years of industry experience in offering permanent foundation solutions. We have helped thousands of customers secure their homes with our underpinning Sydney services and the surrounding areas. With us, you have a dedicated team of highly-trained and experienced individuals ready to offer you great results and an excellent experience.

Quality is guaranteed

We have built a reputation as a reliable and dependable underpinning expert for many years. We are licensed and accredited and our staff is trained and experienced. Our full insurance backed guarantee that you only get the best results. We never compromise on the quality of work or materials we use so our customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing their homes and structures are safe for a long time to come.

You get a quote

Not sure how much the underpinning is going to cost you? Get in touch with us today and we will provide you with a highly accurate quote. It is our little way of helping you plan and budget on how to make your home sound again.

When it comes to your home, you need a reputable underpinning expert capable of providing excellent services and has the experience to understand the support requirements of different structures and tend to them. Here at Geotech Built, we have helped thousands of clients across all NSW get their homes and buildings back on track with our excellent underpinning services. We offer liability and insurance for our services, so our clients are assured of always getting the best quality services and materials when they use our services.