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    Wollongong Underpinning

    Underpinning is an essential process used to strengthen and stabilise the foundation of your home. Underpinning is also considered when the homeowner is looking to increase the size of the basement in which case the process is referred to as basement lowering.

    No matter the reason for considering underpinning, finding the most qualified contractor should be a top priority. The process is complex and touches on the most vital part of your home which is the foundation. At Geotech Built, we have decades of experience in Wollongong underpinning and thousands of happy clients who can attest to our skill and excellent service.

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    When is Underpinning Required?

    Like any other repairs around the house, knowing when underpinning is required is crucial. This is more so the case when the foundation of the house is compromised. If you wait too long, the cost could increase or worse, the house might collapse. At Geotech Built, we advise you to consider having underpinning done if you notice:

    Cracks on the wall

    This is the most common sign that the building needs underpinning. The cracks might start small but progress. If you’re not sure, our experts can help in investigating the cause of the cracks and give you a comprehensive review on what needs to be done.

    Leaning property

    Visible leaning only means something is wrong with your foundation particularly with the soil underneath. You should get in touch with our underpinning professionals as soon as possible for assessment and repairs.

    Windows and doors sticking

    Sometimes the leaning might not be noticeable but the doors and windows can give the incline away by sticking or failing to open properly. If you notice any windows or doors not opening properly, you should have the development investigated further.

    Our Client Reviews

    Geotech Built, demolition and installed 21 steel piers in our Sydney home. Explained the entire process from start to finish. Very reliable and work done efficiently. Highly recommended.

    ~Tracey Choice

    Great job by geotechbuilt, our home in Sydney, was long overdue for re-stumping and leveling. The entire process ran smoothly, from the initial quoting to the clean up. The attention to detail and care taken was second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend this business

    ~Ethan Utley

    The work was done efficiently and they did a great job with the clean up afterwards. Highly recommended

    ~Edwin Conklin

    How is Underpinning Done?

    We don’t believe in having a one-size-fits-all kind of approach when offering any construction services. We believe each situation is unique and requires a unique approach. We use different methods when underpinning each of which is unique to the type of damage and the project.


    Mass concrete method

    We dig pits along the exterior wall of the building at intervals and depth which we determine but below the existing foundation. Before filling the pits with concrete, we examine the foundation for any potential problems. The mass concrete method is perfect for homes built on shallow ground.


    Base and Beam underpinning

    Like the Mass concrete process, we dig pits on the outer walls but instead of concrete, we drop steel frameworks into the pits and fill them with concrete. This process is perfect for buildings that require additional stories or a change in structural usage. It’s applicable for both shallow and deep foundations.


    Pile and Beam Underpinning

    We dig a hole below ground and through the existing wall of the foundation. We connect the piles to each other and to the needle beam running through the wall to improve support. Finally, we add concrete to fill gaps and add support to the beam. This method is perfect when transferring the load from the original foundation to a more stable and reinforced one.

    Our Safety Procedures

    We are a diligent builder who is concerned about your safety, the safety of our experts and your property. We always assess the risks involved with the project and prepare as much as possible for any eventuality.

    We ensure all our underpinning services are done according to regulation and safety requirements. We always ensure;

    • We thoroughly inspect the foundation and other parts of the house before we begin excavating
    • We evaluate the type of soil and the depth of the foundation before we decide on which method of underpinning is best suited for your home
    • We conduct a general ground assessment and inspect the pits for signs of instability
    • Before, during and after the process of underpinning, we enforce the health and safety policies put in place as required by the building code
    • All our building and inspection teams are highly qualified personnel with comprehensive training to tackle any situation and provide the best results

    Why Choose Geotech Built for Your Underpinning?


    We are an industry leader

    We have been offering Wollongong underpinning for over 30 years. Our many years of experience in offering permanent foundation solutions has helped thousands of home and building owners secure their homes at competitive and affordable rates. Our team of dedicated and highly-trained experts will ensure you get all the support you need during the underpinning process.


    You get a free quote

    Jumping into a construction project without an idea of how much it’s going to cost you is a grave mistake. Once the underpinning starts, you can’t drop it half way. This doesn’t have to be you. Get in touch with us today and we will offer you a highly accurate and free quote. This will help you with budgeting and give you peace of mind as you start underpinning your home.


    Guaranteed Quality

    Through the three decades we have been offering Wollongong underpinning services. All our services are insurance-backed so you’re assured of nothing but the best results. We never compromise on the quality of our work. Look no further. At Geotech Built, we have the experience, expertise and skill to offer quality, affordable and permanent foundation solutions.